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    At lambo2btc.com, we adhere to a strict Privacy Policy and privacy laws to ensure your protection at all times and to prevent illegal activities. We make sure that your information always remains confidential to ensure the best user experience. Our policy will inform you how we handle the processing of your personal data and store information that is transmitted through our site.

    We value you as a customer and always take your privacy seriously and take steps to prevent unauthorized access to sensitive data. While providing you with services on our web page, we will collect personal data that may be confidential. This contact information may be submitted through forms at the site or through any correspondence with our customer support team. We also gather information from your browsing activities while visiting our site. Since personal information is accessed regularly, we offer this privacy statement to help you understand how we collect, use and share any of your details.

    Underage Access

    All Services provided at labo2btc.com are restricted for those that are over the age of 18 or of the legal gambling age in their country. If you have not met the legal age to gamble, you should not access the information on our site or visit any of our promoted casinos. We reserve the right to verify personal information to ensure you are at least 18 years of age or older. This ensures that all visitors are protected by our privacy practices and that we meet our legal obligations. Underage access is overseen by our data controller.

    Third-party sites may have access to your IP address, operating system, browser type, and internet protocol. Any information gathered will not be the responsibility of lambo2btc.com.

    Third-Party Sites and/or Contributors

    Some of the sites we have listed may offer content and links that will direct you to other websites or apps. These may be operated by a third party service for marketing purposes and we have no control over these apps, pages, or any content that is presented. Our Privacy Policy does not apply to any third party service provider pages or any direct marketing from these sites. Any personal details, credit card information, phone numbers shared, or any other account information will be stored on the third-party web server, and such information not be covered under the privacy act of lambo2btc.com.

    Legal Processing of Information

    We ensure that we always follow the legal process and applicable laws for the processing of any information that is collected when you access the site. For those located in the European Union or any European Economic Area (EEA), the processing of all personally identifiable information and data collection is pursuant to the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR). All data protection laws are followed at all times and are overseen by data protection officers. 

    Cookie Policy

    At lambo2btc.com, cookies are used to help provide services on a legal basis. With the use of our service, you agree to receive cookies. These are small files that contain information that are downloaded from your PC or mobile device when a page is accessed. These may remain on your device for a period of time. We use cookies along with Google Analytics to understand how you are engaging with our site. At times, advertising partners can place cookies on our site. These allow companies to track your activity where ads are displayed on mobile apps or desktop sites and ensure you receive relevant marketing data and information on legitimate interests, new products, and additional information on gambling. These partners are required to adhere to privacy laws regarding data retention and use enhanced security measures to manage your location data from your service provider and browser settings.

    Cookies from social media accounts and other social networks cannot be accessed by us. You have the right to stop cookies and data transfers from being stored on your device by altering your account settings on Google or with your web browser. With a do not track option, cookies will not be detected or stored. You can also unsubscribe from the use of cookies by contacting our customer support team.